Super Cash Craft

Server Is Now Open To The Public


Super Cash Craft Elements

Lightly Modded  Survival Economy Server

Super Cash Craft is a player chest shop economy server with PVE and PVP elements. We host a virility of custom build mini games. Mob Arena's, Treasure hunts, Escape rooms and more to be added as the server grows it's community. You can find a list of the servers plugins in our forums and on our Discord. Our focus is to build a fun friendly online community with a fun packed server to hangout and play Minecraft together.

Custom Modifications

Custom Mob Arena Classes

Here at Super Cash Craft we like to keep things interesting with customized Mob Arena classes you can play whatever style you like. We also love suggestions for new classes. You can make suggestions to the server on our forums or on our Discord. We have plans to add a very unique twist on some of our future planned Mob Arena's. We keep the content coming for you.

Test Your Luck & Skills

Featuring The Temple Of Doom

Are you looking for a real challenge? Test your patience in the Temple of Doom. We have rebuilt the Temple of Doom from the original Super Cash Craft server from years ago. Now with more changeling death runs. Put all your parkour skills to the test , along with brain teasers and added combat elements, that make our old Temple of Doom look like a cake walk. Win awesome prizes for completing the Temple of Doom. Get your username posted for the fastest speed runs.  Go at it alone or bring some friends and try to beat it together.

Join Our Community

Come be part of the Super Cash Craft community. We have very friendly staff and moderate our Minecraft and Discord server closely. Our Discord is packed with info on the server, applications for whitelisting and Admin applications. We have a road map posted and are always welcome to any suggestions from our community. Everyone's opinion matter to us, after all it's the player community that truly builds a server. Join our Discord  Click the link below.

Player Chest Shops

Do you love to make your own shop or business when you play Minecraft? Then this is where you belong. One of our main goals for the server is build a strong economy  that mainly runs off of player shops and player to player trades and sales. Don't forget to check out the safe trading building in spawn. You never know what you mite find. We watch our economy very closely and will make adjustments when needed to keep a fun and enjoyable economy system. Watch out for the Tax man lol.

History of Super Cash Craft

Back in 2013 some friends and I starting playing on a server. Over time we keep having great ideas and we wanted to share them with everyone, so we opened to the public. The server did pretty well for a bunch of kids slapping together some basic plugins and creating a fun server to play on for everyone. Well now where back! Let's get the hype train going again. Our staff are determined and pushing them self's everyday to bring back the great server we once had only with a whole new unique twist of our own, but only with more dedication and effort. Check out this old video we made to promote the old server a long time ago, Click the link below.

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